Cosmetic Application


Oils and extracts to powder

Neusilin® possesses excellent adsorption capacity for its extremely large specific surface area and porous reticulate structure. It can adsorb up to 330% of its own weight and maintains its powdery state. This superior adsorption capacity makes Neusilin® ideal for applications including oily and acne skin treatments.

Oils and extracts to powder
*Oleic acid adsorbed was washed with ethyl either to determine the efficiency of adsorption.


Neusilin® works to eliminate odor in two ways. It can neutralize odor through making hydrogen bonds with bad odor compounds such as isovaleric acid or through covalent bonding with ammonia and trimethylamine. It can also physically absorb foul odor compounds by trapping them into its highly porous structure.

Odor adsorption

Foul odor Concentration / Amount used Odor eliminated
Ammonia 1,000 ppm / 100 mg
1,000 ppm / 200 mg
Trimethylamine 435 ppm / 100 mg 81.6%
Hydrogen sulfide 697 ppm / 100 mg 31.4%
Isovaleric acid 262 ppm / 20 mg 100%
Acetic acid 849.8 ppm / 100 mg 99.6%
Propionic Acid 382.3ppm / 20mg 100%
N-butyric Acid 311.8ppm / 20mg 100%