About Neusilin®

Neusilin® is a synthetic, amorphous form of Magnesium Aluminometasilicate. It is a multifunctional excipient that can be used in both direct compression and wet granulation of solid dosage forms. Neusilin® is widely used for improvement of the quality of tablets, powder, granules and capsules.

Neusilin® does not develop gels with aqueous solutions unlike other Magnesium Aluminum Silicates. It is available in various grades and two different pH options which makes it a versatile excipient for a wide variety of applications. With over 500 pharmaceutical preparations and a market presence of over fifty years in Japan, Neusilin® is well accepted by formulators world-wide as an aid for formulations containing antibiotics, oily actives, poorly water soluble APIs, herbal mixtures, vitamins, etc. Neusilin is also used as carrier for solid dispersions and self-micro emulsifying drug systems.


  1. Neusilin® occurs as a fine powder or as granules of Magnesium Aluminometasilicate.
  2. Neusilin® is represented by an empirical formula Al2O3·MgO·1.7SiO2·xH2O.
  3. Neusilin® is amorphous, possesses very large specific surface area and has high oil and water adsorption capacity.
  4. Neusilin® makes hard tablets at low compression forces compared to similar binders.
  5. Neusilin® increases the hardness synergy with other filler and binder excipients at low concentrations.
  6. Compounding with Neusilin® helps stabilize moisture sensitive as well as lipophilic API's.
  7. Neusilin® is stable against heat and has a long shelf life.
  8. Neusilin® is available in various grades. The grades differ in their bulk density, water content, particle size and pH.
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Empirical Formula


Neusilin® is amorphous and contains either tetrahedron or octahedron of Al, Octahedron of Mg and tetrahedron of Si which are randomly attached to form a complex three dimensional structure. Neusilin® does not possess repeating units of a defined monomer.

Empirical Formula
Empirical Formula

Photomicrographs of Neusilin®

Neusilin UFL2
Neusilin® UFL2 (x 20,000)
Neusilin US2
Neusilin® US2 (x 700)
Neusilin S1
Neusilin® S1 (x 700)
Neusilin S2
Neusilin® S2 (x 700)